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Strategy Dissolution

If your brand or business is really important to you, then these sessions are definitely for you. If the brand you run is really important to you, you will clear your schedule and make time to do a Strategy Dissolution session.

TSD works like a mirror, they help reflect the true status of your brand and the world your brands exist in. They are tailored sessions that are created only for your brand. These session are created to inspire your brand and brand teams. They take up to 2-3 hours per session.


The Strategy Dissolution sessions are inspiration sessions that will help you get out of your comfort zone and encourage you to think openly without constraints of your everyday world. The purpose is to stretch your thinking in order to encourage new ways of thinking that are relevant only to your brand and challenges.


Every brand or business success starts with the right thinking, ensuring that tactics and strategies emplemented are in line with what is critical for success. Whatever your brand or business challenges are; the Thinkerneur Strategy Dissolution can help you start thinking the right way immediately.

If your brand is really important to you, you will make time.

As a client or being on the brand or company side, you are most times, bogged down by issues within your own world. Inspiration comes from being exposed to different worlds, perspectives and point of view. Welcome to ‘Thinkerneur Strategy Dissolution’ (TSD), a place where you have no choice but to be inspired.
“Brand building is not a once-off action plan,

it’s about
being consistently consistent”

Brand building is a long-term journey.

Bring us along to partner with you for specific projects so that we can help you win in your category.

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