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Guest Inspiration

Due to the lack of career preparedness experienced by students, this has resulted in the legitimacy of schools being questioned. Studying for a qualification is one thing, being ready for a job or career is another. The latter is where Thinkerneur Guest Inspiration (TGI) comes in.

“Schooling or studying is no different to any other industry. It is competitive and those who don’t stand out will fall off. Whilst schooling or education can be viewed as a human right, your ability to be noticed and stand out is a privilege, you have to work hard”

The reason not everybody will get their first job after graduating, is that everyone is thinking the same way. Most, if not every student passively waits until they graduate before the start to actively be aggressive with their careers.


Bogosi Motshegwa, Founder of Thinkerneur provides students from first, second and third year with actionable insights on how to prepare for the working world, before graduating. We live in a competitive world where only those with an advantage will get the first job or start their businesses. Bogosi’s guest inspiration sessions are inspired and filled with actionable insights to being successful after graduating.


Book a Thinkerneur Guest Inspiration (TGI) session today.

“Brand building is not a once-off action plan,

it’s about
being consistently consistent”

Brand building is a long-term journey.

Bring us along to partner with you for specific projects so that we can help you win in your category.

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