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Strategy Breakfasts

Thinkerneur Strategy Breakfast (TSB) sessions are robust conversations about strategy. Those who love strategy, learning and being inspired should attend. These sessions have limited number of seats.

The purpose of the Strategy Breakfast by Thinkerneur is to learn, to be inspire, offer exciting perspectives, new ways of thinking and approaches to brand challenges.

We want to keep strategists up to date with changes that take place within our industry.

We want you to leave thinking differently.

Strategy is such a complex and multi-layered concept that it can be approached and executed in many different ways.
“Brand building is not a once-off action plan,

it’s about
being consistently consistent”

Brand building is a long-term journey.

Bring us along to partner with you for specific projects so that we can help you win in your category.

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Cell: 074 209 7509

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