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How we work

Brand strategies shouldn’t live in untouched desktop folders.
They should live in everything that a brand does, practically and tangibly.

Our Process

1. Brand audit
  • We establish your brand’s current behavior, actions and plans.

  • We define and develop your brand vision for the future.

  • We analyse your industry landscape, identifying the role of your competitors and where your brand fits in.

2. Brand immersion

Understanding your day-to-day business is of paramount importance and directly informs your brand strategy. It is a tedious but necessary process and is one that most agencies or strategy partners are NOT willing to do. If you’re in the business of peanut butter, we want to know how you pick the peanuts.

3. Opportunity planning
  • Our job is not to change your brand, but to identify key opportunities for growth.

  • We take key learnings and begin planning your brand’s strategic direction.

  • We outline all areas where opportunities for growth are ripe and prioritise them.

  • We ensure you inject your brand’s DNA consistently into every opportunity going forward.

4. Execution

We partner with you in executing the identified opportunities in a practical way that reflects your brand narrative and is in line with your strategic vision.

5. Sustainable care

We constantly re-evaluate the brand actions to ensure that they are aligned to our strategic objectives and assess if they are right for the brand.

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