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Do You Have Fuck Off Money?!

The Thinkerneur Exclusive interview with Mzamo Masito left many wanting more and many others in awe of the presence that he exudes. What lasted an hour packed the equivalent of forever.

Bogosi Motshegwa, Founder and Strategic Director of Thinkerneur had a virtual sit down with Mzamo to interrogate his social and corporate courage with the scales tipped largely towards understanding more about his humane aspects aside from his role as Google Africa’s CMO.

Where does the courage come from?

The iconic Mzamo expressed the importance of self-awareness in various contexts, one of them being the deliberate and intentional road of learning about yourself and your core beliefs. He spoke a lot about the work that needs to be done in order to create your own heaven on earth. He linked his courage to the following principles;



These he says, are closely linked to his passions and his purpose in life, which is to put Gods face and soul in money.


His knowledge and understanding about himself and his emotions brought him to a place where he learnt that you need to confront your own personal or family traumas and wounds in order to move forward successfully.

”That which you do not confront, grows!”

In his words, “you need to torture your soul to confess the truth about you.”

Portfolio of evidence

One of the key takeaways for the session was the concept of having depth and breadth in ones’ career; where working in multiple industries and having a multitude of experience could be seen as the breath, while depth is then seen through the successes and quality of projects worked on.

Financial security

“When you’re in debt, you are risk averse. You lack courage”. Mzamo tells it like it is, he mentions that each person needs to have fuck off money. He describes fuck off money as the savings that will allow one to leave their employer at any given point without the financial strain. This is the money that should maintain the life one lives for a couple of years.

“Money is a measure of options and choices”

As we progress, we double click on some money essentials;

1. Earn as much as you can.

2. Invest for the long-term.

3. Save for the short-term.

4. Give as much as you can.

5. Consider your spending; Needs VS wants.

To see the full Thinkerneur Exclusive Interview, click on the YouTube link below;

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