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Rory Sutherland x Bogosi Motshegwa Talk Non-sense

Interview to be shared post the recording.

Bogosi Motshegwa, founder of Thinkerneur and Thinkerneur Strategy Breakfast chats with Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy and TED Talk superstar. Rory is the author of the insightful book, "Alchemy, The Surprising Power Of Ideas That Don't Make Sense". The book is a fascinating provocation on the tension between Economics and Behavioural Economics. 

Making Decisions That Don't make Sense

Rory posits that the best ideas to make in marketing, and possibly in life, are those irrational ones that don't make sense at all, at least to the logical or rational mind. 

We discuss what possible non-sensical decisions we can make during this time, and post the crisis. We talk about how does one event begin to reconcile with the concept of making decisions that make sense, is there a formula?

Rory is one of advertising's greatest minds. Every time he speaks, he breathes hope and optimism into our industry, driving away any doubt that may exist that advertising has a critical role to play.

"When you read 'Alchemy: The Surprising Power Of Ideas That Don't Make Sense', you begin to realise how much of a disservice we are to our own craft. By not believing in magic and ideas that don't make sense, we are selling ourselves short." - Bogosi Motshegwa, Founder of Thinkerneur

We learn about the concept of Psycho-logic and many other provocative concepts that will open your mind to novel and obvious-and-not-so-obvious, but surprising ways to view the world. 

"If we looked at the world through Rory's eyes, we'd be a very different species. In a good way" - Bogosi Motshegwa

To know Rory better, here are some references:

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