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We might just disrupt strategy

Thinkerneur launches a new platform called; Think Like A Strategist (TLAS) and this is what the Founder and Strategy Director at Thinkerneur, Bogosi Motshegwa had to say about it:

This may just be what the South African strategy community and the broader industry needs. Although making strategy simpler and clearer may be an audacious dream, it is one worth waking up for every day.

The purpose of TLAS platform is to:

· Help profile and celebrate strategists in the industry

· Help discover the process of building strategies

· Connect strategists through an online and engaging community (let us know if you’d like to be in the group – for now, only those profiled may become part of the social network group)

· Become a support for us, because hey, strategists carry the load

· Help facilitate strategic enlightenment for strategists and those interested in the profession

· To learn from each other

· To help uncover hidden talent in the industry

· To create a stronger voice for the discipline

· To discover and learn new tricks of thinking strategically

Every week, we will profile strategists, from junior all the way to Chief Strategy Officers and sometimes, people who do not have the strategist title, but have the know-how and skill.

After all is said and done, strategy will remain an illusive trick.

With each feature or content piece, we aim to leaving better and closer to thinking like a strategist.

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